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Upcoming Disciplinary Tribunal hearings

The following case is being heard by the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Taxation Disciplinary Board at the offices of The Chartered Institute of Taxation,  30 Monck Street, London SW1P 2AP on 9 April 2019 at 10.00:

Case TDB/2018/24 – TDB v Mrs Iuliia Bunchenko:

Mrs Bunchenko faces the following charges:

Charge 1.1: That she had in her possession during an ATT Paper 6 VAT examination a book that was not permitted to be in the examination room

Charge 1.2 That she used the book during the examination

Charge 1.3 That she intended to gain an unfair advantage in that examination by using or intending to use the book.

Charge 1.4 If the said charges are proved, Mrs Bunchenko acted dishonestly, in breach of the fundamental principles of integrity and professional behaviour contrary to Rules 2.1 2.2.1,  and 2.6.1 of the Professional Rules and Practice Guidelines 2011 (PRPG) and/or did an act which discredits the profession in breach of Rule 2.1 and/or failed to take due care in her conduct in breach of Rule 2.6.1.”