Making a complaint – the first steps

The Taxation Disciplinary Board (TDB) deals with complaints against qualified tax advisers.
That means tax advisers who are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation or the
Association of Taxation Technicians. They will usually have the letters CTA, ATII or ATT
after their name.

If you are unsure whether your tax adviser belongs to one of these organisations, you can
enquire at the address shown under Contacts.

Your tax adviser does not want unhappy customers. So you should make sure that the firm or
adviser dealing with your tax affairs knows about any concerns you may have and has a
chance to put things right when needed.

This is why the business or adviser you think is responsible for a problem should have
the chance to look into any complaint – before the TDB steps in.

If you don't know who to complain to at the business, or you're unsure about anything, get in
touch with us. We will contact the right person for you, telling them that you have a
complaint they need to look into.

You can call us on 01825 890 668 and leave a message if the office is closed- because we are
a small organisation, our office is not always open during business hours.

So it may be better to email the TDB Executive Director at pdouglas [at]

Here are some hints on the best ways of making sure your complaint is taken seriously.

Making a complaint – what to do next

If you're not happy with how the business deals with your complaint, we may be able to

If you'd like us to look into your complaint, we will need you to fill in either our online complaint form or paper form below.
This will help us understand what exactly your complaint is about. You can phone us to
request a form. Or you can download the form which is on this site.

Before you complete the form, you should read about our procedures, which are set out in the
Guidance for the Public. They will tell you how we work, and what we can and cannot do.

When you have completed our complaint form, please send it back to us by post. Your
handwritten signature is important to show us that you vouch for its contents and agree to us
copying your correspondence to the adviser. You will also probably have other documents
that you need to post to us with your completed form. 
our complaint form

Complaint form – "Word" version
you can:

  • print-off the form here and fill it in by hand or
  • save the form to your computer and complete it on screen – before printing it off and posting it to us with your handwritten signature (along with copiesany documents relevant to your complaint).

Complaint form – PDF version
you can:

  • print-off the form here and fill it in by hand or
  • complete the form on screen before you print it off and post it to us with your handwritten signature (along with copies of any documents relevant to your complaint). You may want to print-off a copy for your own records, in case this onscreenPDF version doesn't save to your computer.