The Taxation Disciplinary Board Members


Desmond Hudson (Chairman) Joint nominee
Larry Darby ATT nominee

John Whiting

CIOT nominee

Mrs E Fullerton-Rome  
C Wilby  

Secretary: P A Douglas

Disciplinary Tribunal and Investigation Committee Panel

Bryn Anstice (Lay Member)
Sarah Brown (Lay Member)
Peter Cadman (Lawyer)
Ged Fisher(Lay Member)
Andrew Gell (Lay Member)
Penny Griffith (Lay Member)
David Hards (CIOT Member)
Eileen Herlihy (Lawyer)
Lorna Jacobs (Lay Member)
Michael Kaltz (CIOT Member)
Linda Lee (Lawyer)
Ian Luder (CIOT Member)
Margaret Obi (Lawyer)
Jonathan Page (Lawyer)
Brian Palmer (ATT Member)
Teresa Payne (ATT Member)
Mark Ruffell (Lawyer)
Julian Stafford (CIOT Member)
Miran Uddin (Lawyer)
Janet Wilkins (CIOT Member)

The Directors and Secretary Register of Interests can be found here.